Gaga-Rin Colony

Gaga-Rin Colony ('ga-ga ren') is a hardscrabble encampment built at the site of the Yuri Gagarin Mine on the moon of Eisa.  It's located deep in the rugged foothills outside the Eisa Colony settlement.

The camp is populated by Eisa's underclass: old colonists from the Soviet era, miners, pilots, smugglers and thieves... and their Companion Units.

The local watering hole, "Sputnik's", the unit bordello and the thriving black market, is the perfect place for undesirables and insurgents to operate off the radar of NanoSec, the security branch of Nanite Systems.

Andrei Javik has many connections to the camp from his years moving illegal merchandise through his cargo station, the Imperator V, now the home of Javik Station.

Andrei uses the colony as a dumping ground to liquidate the "unclaimed property" that his robot comfort station often generates. To protect his interests, he provides his own team of Security Bots to keep the peace and keep the Colony's activity off the radar of NanoSec.

Acceptable Characters:

HUMANS - Are you a fugitive from Mars Colony or earth? Do you have illicit goods to sell on our black market? Do you specialize in security, engineering, robot repair, or criminal mischief? Gaga-Rin is the perfect place for you!

Read more about our setting for ideas on human characters.

COMPANION UNITS - Androids and gynoids are robots built to serve man. They might be programmed for hard and dangerous labor or they might provide exotic, sexual services to their human operators.

  • A unit has no human brain. It's decision-making is determined by the AI in its Controller Device.
  • A unit might be fully synthetic or converted (illegally) from a human being.
  • Unit must be owned by a human operator.
  • New units must register with the colony Planning Council where they are available for purchase by a colonist or assigned the task that best suits their programming.

CYBORGS* - Are you a human with cybernetic implants, shunned by society? As long as your human brain is intact, you will enjoy the full, legal rights of a human being.

*A Note About Brain Augmentation: Cybernetics to enhance brain functioning is illegal. Those determined to have undergone brain enhancements will be fully converted to Units if apprehended.

Requirements for Colonists:

  • You must have a contemporary, mesh avatar.
  • Your avatar must be clearly an adult.
  • Furries, anthros, animal hybrids or animal heads are not permitted.
  • Anime heads are not permitted.
  • Magic or supernatural powers are not permitted.
  • Angels, demons and other supernatural beings are not permitted.
  • Werewolves, vampires and other fantasy creatures are not permitted.
Please read our complete list of rules before applying.

Rentals and Advertising:

  • Private Pods are available for members for L$200/50 prims per week.
  • Setting-appropriate Vendor Space is available on a case-by-case basis.
  • Ad Boards are available for weekly rental.
Contact Andrei Javik (andreijavik) inworld for inquiries.