In a fast-growing colony, we have many opportunities. Job applications must be submitted to the Security Office for review and approval of the Gaga-Rin Planning Council.

If you are not yet registered as a colonist or colony unit, please apply here.

Security Patrol

Gaga-Rin Security Patrol

Have you ever witnessed an unruly colonist and wished you had a weapon and license to confront them with impunity? Now you can as a member of the Gaga-Rin Security Patrol!

Now hiring: Security Officers

How to apply: Submit your application with prior security experience, weapons rating and conflict resolution skills attention Vidam Romanov in the security office.

Mama Kim's Wonderland

Mama Kim's Wonderland

Mama Kim's is THE premiere destination for Companion entertainment. We offer massage to full, intimate experiences. From gynoids, androids, to anything in between, you will find your ultimate desires fulfilled at Mama Kim's.

How hiring:

  • Masseuses
  • Erotic Pleasure Technicians
  • Exotic Dancers

How to apply: Submit your application and experience attention Quan Su Kim at the security office for a tryout.

Engineers Wanted

Engineering Brigade

Do you have sought after engineering skills? Are you as handy with a blowtorch as you are with electrical and plumbing? Vassily Tovich is looking for skilled engineers and trade workers to fulfill he colony's many ongoing construction and maintenance needs.

Now hiring:

  • Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Construction workers
  • Plumbers

How to apply: Submit your qualifications and experience attention Vassiley Tovich at the security office.

Supply Depot

Gaga-Rin Supply Depot

Can you tell the difference between a metabolic power cell and a 38mm, armor-piercing round? If so, you have a rewarding future at the Gaga-Rin supply depot! Get to know your fellow colonists as you issue rations from the communal supply stock! Basic counting and reading skills preferred. Bribe-taking for extra rations highly frowned upon.

Now hiring:

  • Supply Clerks
  • Inventory Specialists

How to apply: Submit your application at the security office attention Serge Gorbanovich.

Gagarin Dock

Gaga-Rin Dock

With three regular supply deliveries per week plus monthly market deliveries, Gaga-Rin's dock needs all hands on deck. Are you looking for extra income from your mining robot or a new colonist unafraid of manual labor as you get established? Human dock-workers enjoy free, emergency medical treatment at the Gaga-Rin clinic. Unit workers receive a discount on replacement limbs.

Now hiring:

  • Dock Workers
  • Shift Foremen

How to apply: Submit your application at the security office attention Serge Gorbanovich.


The Original Sputnik's

Established in 1997 as Gaga-Rin's chow hall, Sputnik's has become an institution serving as the colony's entertainment and gathering hub. With a stocked bar, live, exotic entertainment and an outdoor dance floor, it's the first stop for visitors to the colony and watering hole for locals.

Now hiring:

  • Bartenders
  • Hosts / Hostesses

How to apply: submit your application and experience at the security office attention Sputnik's.

Tovich Robots

Tovich Robots: Storage & Repair

Nothing is more unsightly than a colony littered with broken robots. We are seeking motivated individuals to perform regular maintenance on the colony units, replace missing limbs, and conduct periodic upgrades. Flexible hours and excellent perks for unit candidates.

Now hiring:

  • Repair Technicians
  • Sales Clerks

Qualifications: Must be experienced with Nanite Systems controller devices.

How to apply: Submit your application with experience at the security office attention Vessiley Tovich.

Gaga-Rin Clinic

Gaga-Rin Medical Clinic

A healthy colony is a happy colony. Since the passing of our doctor, we need a nurse to administer iodine tablets, check the livers of colonists and administer penicillin for venereal disease. If you would like a rewarding career in the medical field but has little or no experience, now is the time to get your feet wet.

Now hiring:

  • Nurses
  • Orderlies
  • Receptionist

How to apply: Submit your application and any prior medical experience at the security office attention Vidam Romanov.

Market Permits

Gaga-Rin Market Permits

Do you have a product the colonists can't live without? Whether it's produce, robot limbs, forged documents or illegal drugs, you can make a fantastic living on the colony market. Get a permit to sell and reserve your stall today!

To apply for a permit: Submit your application, listing goods/services, attention Vidam Romanov at the security office.